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I’ve been seeing Mel for over eight years. Love the fact Mel comes to me in the comfort of my home. She is amazing and the Massages are so good.

She gets all the knots outs and it’s very relaxing. I always fall asleep and snore but she never says anything! I would recommend everyone to Mel. She’s brilliant!


I have used Mel’s services for nearly eight years now and I’m still as happy as the day I had my first massage.

I love massages and I have had them from a number of people and Mel has always remained the best in my eyes. She is thoughtful and very skilled. Mel’s massages are pure magic.


I have only been fortunate enough to receive holistic treatment from lovely Mel a couple of times but both experiences were truly wonderful. Just what my body and soul were crying out for.

The massages really helped my body to heal and the whole process was extremely relaxing and peaceful. Not only is the treatment wonderful, it is really lovely too. Highly recommended.


My dear Mel, so you are changing your sphere of operations to the Telford area.

Oh, I shall miss your lovely visits and massages which I’ve enjoyed over the years, but not just me as I’m sure I speak for all your friends and clients in my neck of the woods.Your treatments, skill and dedication have been wonderful, relaxing, therapeutic and healing and I feel the benefits for days after. It will be a challenge to find someone as good to replace you.

I wish you every success in building up connections and a client base where you are and beyond and also, no doubt, with the help of your updated website.You may use this as a testimonial if you wish. Spread your news, love and light to the four corners of the globe and make it known what a marvelous healing therapist you are. There is a lot of healing to be done out there.


Mel gives really wonderful, nourishing massages – the actual massage is lovely and I always feel great afterwards and very relaxed.

She has a good deep pressure which really gets into the knots – I’m an ex-massage practitioner myself so quite fussy about the massages I receive – I can’t bear the nambi-pambi, fluffy type of massages which ignores the knots screaming for attention. I’m glad to say this isn’t the case with Mel! I find a massage with Mel every so often really helps keep my muscles relaxed and in good shape.

She makes the whole process really easy so you can fully relax into your session and enjoy the thorough pampering.


I’ve had one healing massage from Mel and I felt such a profound release from it for days afterwards.

It was really relaxing with her coming to my place as I could just lollop about afterwards and Mel was kind enough to answer some of my questions about what had come up and suggest yoga practices and meditations that would continue to support me.

She has a kind, glowey energy that I find soothing too. Lovely experience.


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