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About Melanie

I have been working as a mobile holistic massage therapist for the last 20yrs and have a large client base which has grown mainly from word of mouth and from working in Summer Festivals.

I live in Telford and use my van to travel around Newport treating people; I try to maintain a state of peace and calm by living healthily and having a daily yoga practice. This helps me to give treatments that are considered to be a complete holistic experience – easing any pains, calming Your mind and lifting Your Spirit.

Please see the testimonials from some of my clients to see what they think.

On a practical note, I am insured and fully qualified in all the treatments I give.

Mel is a mobile holistic & deep tissue massage therapist near you in Newport TF10


I’m mobile – I come to your home with everything I need to give You a treatment except for some hot water for my tea and enough space to put up my table. I don’t see mess, so there’s no need to tidy up on my account.

We spend a little time discussing your needs and expectations of the treatment. I then mix some aromatherapy oils to suit, using Organic cold pressed coconut oil as a base.

When we’re ready, I wash my hands whilst You get on the table then I give You the treatment as discussed using my years of experience and intuition that is guaranteed to leave you in a much better place.

I focus on your body and energetic system so I don’t talk much when I massage except to respond to You.

Once the treatment is done, I pack everything away and leave You in an enhanced state of being.

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Services & prices

My aim is to use my Holistic Massage Therapy experience and energetic awareness to align Body, Mind and Spirit and ignite the intrinsic self-healing ability of everyone I treat. I come to You with everything I need to give you a treatment unique to you to suit your physical and emotional state.

I live in my mobile home when travelling between clients so will consider most distances and places. To fully benefit from any of these treatments it's good to have a long drink of water beforehand, to be in a present state during and to have a restful time afterwards to allow the work done to be integrated into Your system.

Deep tissue, full body massage

Deep Tissue Massage to alleviate pain and discomfort. The time can be spent on a specific body area or on a full body massage for a general uplifting tonic for the body, mind and spirit.

I can intuitively find areas that are causing discomfort and, by using a pressure that suits You and a variety of techniques, the pain is eased.

1 hour - £65
2 hours - £95

Gentle revitalising body massage

A more Gentle Massage to improve blood and lymph circulation and to sooth tired muscles. It leaves you feeling incredibly relaxed and ready to face the challenges of life in a contented state of mind. I use a variety of techniques which include acupressure, Swedish massage, lymph drainage, stretching and energy work. I can find and repair the places in need and leave all of You; Body, Mind and Spirit feeling Relaxed, Cleansed, Calm and perhaps slightly Euphoric.

1 hour - £65
2 hours - £95


Reflexology brings a state of balance to your body systems through massage and manipulation of reflex points on the feet. It also increases feelings of well being, awareness and of being more resilient to the stresses of life. These feelings can be immediate or come about on the day following the treatment and they have to be felt to be truly understood.

I begin by massaging the feet to relax them then give Reflexology. The immediate end result is that you feel supremely relaxed and invariably have a very good night's sleep. However, the real effects come later in the form of a calmer state of mind and a body that just functions better than it did before the treatment. It is advisable to have a few sessions to truly feel the positive benefits of this wonderful treatment.

1 hour - £65

Office visits

What better way to show you appreciate and value your employees than bringing in a therapist to help reduce their stress levels and computer backaches. You not only get their appreciation in return, you get a more efficient happier team.
*Price dependent on the number of people and the service provided

Pamper day - celebrate with a difference!

Looking for an alternative way to celebrate an event or for hen parties without hangovers or just to enjoy a gathering of friends with a difference? Why not have a Pamper Day. I come to you for the day and treat up to 10 people on my own or I can bring a trusted team of Alternative Therapists to accommodate the number required. Then depending on your activities, one by one people will receive 1/2hr -1hr treatments.
*Price dependent on the number of people and the service provided

Book a visit in Newport

I’m mobile and cover all of Newport TF10 so I’m happy to visit you with almost everything I need to give you a bespoke treatment. All I need is enough space to put up my table and some hot water for my tea, please don’t worry about tidying up for me as I don’t see other peoples’ mess.

Before we begin your massage, we discuss your needs and fill in a brief consultation form to ensure you get the best treatment possible. It greatly improves your experience if you totally give yourself to the treatment, focusing completely on your body and on receiving whilst I focus on your body and on giving you an energy enriched treatment. This means that once the treatment starts I don’t talk very much to you as I communicate with your body and energies.

After the treatment, once you’ve come back to reality, I pack up my table, towels, oils and music and leave you to absorb its effects in the comfort of your own home.

Mobile massage near me in Newport

If you’ve just searched for “mobile at home massage therapist near me in Newport” or “in home mobile deep tissue full body muscle massage that comes to you in Newport” or something vaguely similar, you’ll want results of massage therapists that are either in the vicinity of Newport or that work locally in and around the Newport area. That’s me.

I cover all of Newport TF10 so I’m also close to you if you’re in Lilleshall, Edgmond, Moreton, Great Chatwell or Orslow , meaning I’m always within easy reach of your location.

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I cover:
TF10 – Newport, Lilleshall, Edgmond, Moreton, Great Chatwell and Orslow

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